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Our Helicopters

Our aircraft types have been selected and modified to specifically address the needs of our customers and the environments where they work. All helicopters are equiped with GPS, FM radios, satellite phones, and Skytrac satellite tracking system. Optional equipment includes cargo nets, multi-hook carousels, bambi fire fighting buckets, drip torches, fertilizing & seeding bucket, long-line hook assemblies, sling gear, grapple attachment, stretchers, ski basket, and cone havester. All of Quantum's helicopters are utility format equipped to facilitate the use of a stretcher for medical evacuation and can provide search and rescue support to local agencies.

Bell 206 BIII Jet Ranger

The World's most popular and reliable commercial helicopter. The Bell 206 is the industry standard for adaptability and versatility in light 4 passenger helicopters. Supplies the best range and internal cargo space in the light turbine category. Very cost effective 4 passenger helicopter.

·Passenger Seating: 4
·Average Cruise Speed: 110 mph
·Maximum Range: 316 miles (30 minute reserve) 3 hours
·Standard Fuel 364 L
·Fuel Consumption: 114 L/hr
·Max External Sling Load: 900 lbs.

Bell 206 LR Long Ranger

The 6 passenger stretch version of the popular Jet Ranger. This smooth and efficient intermediate helicopter features low fuel consumption. The Long Ranger excels in situations where large crews require transportation and larger sling capacity is required.

·Passenger Seating: 6
·Average Cruise Speed: 115 mph
·Maximum Range: 345/307 miles (20 minute reserve)
·Standard Fuel 409 L
·Fuel Consumption: 130 L/hr
·Max External Sling Load: 1,200 lbs.

Astar 350 B2

This family of intermediate lift helicopters provides the fastest and quietest ride for the highest level of passenger comfort in its class. The Astar is one of few helicopters that maintains its performance from sea level up to 9,000 feet. It provides exceptional visibility from all passenger seats both front and rear.

·Passenger Seating: 5
·Average Cruise Speed: 135 mph
·Maximum Range: 378 miles
·Standard Fuel: 541 L
·Fuel Consumption: 180 L/hr
·Internal Payloads: 1,500 lbs.
·Max External Sling Load: 2,100 lbs.

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